Inside abandoned and charred school where fire left rooms blackened and covered in ash

Eerie photos show the inside of an abandoned school which was left charred by an enormous fire.

Classrooms remain covered in ash and corridors remain strewn with rubble following the blaze at Castle Grove Infant School.

Glass windows were smashed and walls blackened at the abandoned building where the ceilings are falling down and the roof is missing.

Some 80 per cent of the school was left in ruins after the huge fire which erupted at the site in Wakefield, Yorkshire, last November.

Trees and vegetation have been growing wild and spiralling around the school since it closed to pupils in 2014, reports Yorkshire Live.

Urban explorer Kyle Urbex shared a collection of photographs of what the building looks like since the school gates closed.

He said: “Once inside I was shocked how much internal damage had been done to the structure.

“I had no torch with me, but the missing roof provided enough light for me to capture the site in all its now derelict and dilapidated glory.

“Navigating round proved tricky at times due to the unsteady floor and the burnt flooring.

“The picture with the boards across the charred flooring proves how unsafe it actually is.”

Hundreds of pupils aged between five and seven once walked the corridors of the school which later merged with the nearby Sandal Endowed CE Junior School.

Students left Castle Grove in 2014 to continue their education at the other school, which was rebuilt and then became known as Sandal Castle Community School.

In the years since, trees and vegetation on the edge of the school grounds have grown unchecked and obscured the view of the building.

It eventually became redundant and was abandoned before developers asked Wakefield Council for permission to demolish the building in spring 2021.

Approval was denied and then in November last year the building was burnt down by the fire, with every room still covered in ash.

“Overall I found the explore quite interesting because I did manage to capture some aspects of the former school life such as decaying boards and the classic themed toilets,” Kyle said.

“It’s sad in a way that it has ended up like this when it would’ve once been filled with hundreds of students now it sadly sits empty and silent.”